Monday, February 09, 2015

melbourne trip

two weeks ago, we went to melbourne for the wedding of my neighbour/childhood friend

chik kia flew from singapore and i flew from kuching and we met up at klia2. we arrived several hours early before our connecting flight to melbourne and spent the time browsing the klia2 mall. we went into the terminal half an hour before the flight and saw that the status was boarding. while i was taking off my contacts in the toilet, chik kia started rushing me coz the flight status changed to 'closed'. so we panicked and started running. damn far i tell you this klia2 international terminal. so empty and so unnecessarily big. we were so scared we missed the flight. when we finally reached the gate, it was still 10 minutes before departure time. then the flight was delayed for 1 hour because they were looking for the bags of some passengers who couldn't make the flight. -_-"

slept badly in the flight and reached melbourne the next morning. the immigration queue was so long. after we got our luggage, we had to queue again to go out. and because we declared we brought some medicines, we went into the line which gets sniffed by drug dogs. we were late for lunch with some of my old schoolmates. tried green eggs and ham. i think it was just some green coloring in hollandaise sauce over poached eggs.

 took a nap after lunch, then met up again for italian dinner at lygon street.

went to the great ocean road the next day. rented a car for two days with two friends

it was super freezing cold even though the sun was shining. the wind was so chilly. we stopped at several beaches along the way.

this kid was pushing the sand with his head, which we found pretty odd and funny

the twelve apostles

panoramic view. but some of the apostles are behind the cliff

the london bridge

here we are looking at the foamy ocean. sometimes it's so foamy that the foam actually floats up in the air

day 3. went to philip island and got the 3-park pass. we went to the churchill island heritage farm where we saw demonstrations of cow-milking, sheep-shearing, whip-cracking, and sheep-herding.

then we went to the koala conservation center where we saw koalas, an echidna, and wallabies

went to watch the penguin parade in the evening. the tiny fairy penguins come home at sunset and we're not allowed to take photos so these were found online. they come in groups from the sea, then run up the beach to their little burrows

the next 3 days were spent at the australian open coz tennis is chik kia's passion. apart from me. *ahem* he bought 3-day ground passes. we spent the first 2 days at the show courts under the hot sun.

but on the third day we realised that the ground pass allows us to go to the hisense arena. so we queued for 2 hours to get into arena just in time to watch the last 15minutes of andy murray defeating joao sousa.

and at night we watched sharapova and nadal at the rod laver arena

day 7 was the day of the big event. we squeezed in a trip to victoria market in the morning, then went for wun hwui's wedding in the afternoon. the reception was first, followed by cocktails, then the dinner

 lovely bride

candid picture

the bride and groom danced in their lodge school uniform because they were classmates in kindergarten, then lost touch coz they went to different classes, then met again in melbourne and fell in love

early the next morning, we rushed to the airport and our flight was delayed again. so had to rush for my connecting flight too. sigh. but it was a good trip. may need another trip there to explore more of melbourne.

Monday, February 02, 2015

one year

 happy anniversary!

Sunday, January 11, 2015

happy new year!

i've stepped down from being in charge and i'm back to being just the pharmacist. i'm much less stressed now. yay! i have more free time coz i don't have to bring work home to do anymore. time to revive the old blog. :)

Monday, January 28, 2013

yun and fish

Yun and I have known each other for about 20 years now. We were classmates all the way from Primary 1 up to Form 5. However, we were not that close until we bonded over our hilarious Toyboy adventures in Form 5, with all the crazy stalking and prank calls. We then became roommates in college where we gossiped about boys some more, stressed about our studies, and enjoyed our freedom away from home for the first time. We were roommates again in university where she met her husband-to-be, the very funny, very smart Fish Tan Sien Loong. I remember that Fish proposed to her within a few weeks of getting to know each other. Of course, he was only joking at that time, but the two of them quickly bonded and became inseparable. I guess he was smitten early on by her outgoing fun-loving, sporting attitude, and he saw also how smart, organised and caring she is. They were officially a couple by their second semester of med school, and last Chinese new year, Yun suddenly told me that he had proposed to her (for real this time) and they’re getting married!

they had a beautiful beachside wedding (although a bit hot. haha) in penang. yun was a glowing bride. gorgeous wedding dress. fish was also beautiful *ahem*. i don't have many pictures though. have to wait for the photographer to get them ready. congrats fish and yun!

Friday, December 28, 2012

messed up

warning: regular post complaining about my hair change

i went to my usual place for a perm and the hairdresser recommended some new kind of perm but she said it will only last 3-4 months. so i told her no thanks, i usually keep my perm for a year, and i want big curls. then she proceeded to perm my hair and when it was all done, i was like, the curls are kinda small. only then did she tell me that she alternated big and medium curlers to help make the perm last for a year. and i'm thinking like wth! my curls last one year without your 'help'! i didn't ask you to 'help' me! so now i have puffy frizzy crazy curls. one month later and i still have yet to go out without tying up my hair. gah! (somehow it doesn't look so poofy in photos)

Thursday, November 29, 2012

dead rat

random huge rat rotting in an alley.

yeah, you can just see the flies buzzing around here, can't you. haha

Sunday, September 30, 2012

new laptop!

i can finally say goodbye to my five-year-old laptop which takes 7 minutes to start up and lags like nobody's business, with its missing 'N' key and stuck button on the mouse touch pad. i don't know how many cumulative days of my life i've wasted just sitting in front of it waiting for it to move.

say hello to my long-awaited new laptop which i bought today at the acer roadshow coz i didn't want to wait anymore for the next pc fair. super light, super fast. it has keyboard lights which you can turn off if you want, and a multitouch touchpad. the volume is like 3 times louder than my old laptop. the only drawbacks are that the memory is smaller than my old laptop and it has only 2 usb ports. which i'm fine with coz i also bought a new external hard drive and i can make do with 2 usb ports.

the new laptop is just slightly smaller than the old one and around half as thick.

yay yay!